Tenso 14-18 : Spotlight on Central Europe

In 2017, Tenso’s activities centered around the events that took place 100 years ago in the Central European region. The main front was between Italy and Austria-Hungary, culminating in a series of battles at the Soška / Isonzo front. With more than 1,7 million casualties, this has been called “one of the First World War’s most brutal campaigns“.
Soldiers from all over Europe fought against each other, as witnessed in the pre-printed postcard that soldiers were given to send home: Sono sano e sto bene – I am alive and well – in nine languages [picture]. The American writer Ernest Hemingway volunteered on the front as ambulance driver and immortalized his experiences in the novel Farewell to arms.

19 April 2017 • Ljulbljana (SI)
press conference

19-21 April 2017 • Ljulbljana (SI)
• sessions of Tenso Masterclass for Conductors
with Grete Pedersen, tba, Zbor Slovenske Filharmonije
four young conductors tba
• sessions of Tenso Workshop for Young composers / special edition for the Central European Region
with James Wood, Leo Samama, Fabio Nieder, Zbor Slovenske Filharmonije
four young composers 

30 July – 9 August • Groznjan (HR)
• summer school Tenso Europe Chamber Choir – cond Kaspars Putniņš

10 -12 August • Croatia, Slovenia, Italy
concert tour Tenso Europe Chamber Choir – cond Kaspars Putniņš

12 September – 24 September • Nova Gorica (SI) • Castle Kromberk
exhibition : Music at the WWI front

21 -24 September 2017 • Nova Gorica (SI) • Kulturni Dom and other venues
Tenso Days Nova Gorica
• concerts of Zbor HRT (HR), Latvijas Radio Koris (LV), Zbor Slovenske Filharmonije (SI), Tenso Europe Chamber Choir (EU)
• sessions of Tenso Workshop for Young Composers 
• walk of peace – amateur choirs give concerts on special spots along the Walk of Peace
• symposium Music in WWI