Léo Collin

Léo Collin (France, 1990) is a Geneva-based composer, performer and installation artist working in the field between instrumental, electronics, video and performance. He studied composition with Michael Jarrell, Luis Naon, Brice Pauset, Georges Aperghis, Beat Furrer, Isabel Mundry, Brian Ferneyhough, and Pierluigi Billone in Lyon, Geneva, Freiburg and Paris.

His recent work concentrates on sound morphing, including and emphasizing the physical and choreographic aspects of the performance. The work often includes amplified acoustic instruments in combination with sampler, video, lights or everyday objects and homemade constructions.. He writes: “A piece for choir is a particular moment. There is something very magical, something irreal, intemporal, very difficult to explain, but it is here.”

Léo participated in Tenso Young Composers Workshop 2015.

Léo’s soundcloud

Léo Collin