belmonte from cvJaime Belmonte Caparrós (ES 1988) has studied piano, organ, composition, conducting and music theory in Murcia (Spain). He currently continues his studies of compositon and conducting at the Sibelius Academy with Lauri Kilpiö. In May 2015 his chamber work Svarta rosor was premiered by Zagros Ensemble, in the framework of Jean Sibelius’ 150th anniversary celebrations.

As a conductor, he has worked with the Schola Cantorum of Caravaca de la Cruz and the Choir Sta. Elena (Spain), and the Valon Kaiku chamber choir at Vantaa (Finland), among others. As well as composer, conductor and teacher, he is a very active choir singer and has been founder member of the platorm for contemporary music Inedito in Murcia (Spain). He is also part of the board of the Korvat Auki society for young composers.

Jaime Belmonte took part in the special workshop Choir and Electronics that was organized in collaboration with Sibelius Academy. He wrote:  I have been a choir singer my whole life and I am still very active in Helsinki choral life, but until last autumn I didn’t make the decision of composing a work for choir. […]I have limited experience in using electronics in my pieces […] I would enormously welcome this opportunity to develop a more creative approach on electronics.

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