Ilkka Aunu (FI 1993) studies at the Sibelius Academy in Composition and Music Theory, majoring in composition, with Jaakko Kortesharjun and Tapani Länsiö. Ilkka has studied Illka Aunupiano under the direction of Kari Tikkala and performs as a singer in Emo Ensemble and the Choir of the Music Centre. Ilkka’s works have been performed by the Tapiola Choir, Kymi Sinfonietta, and others, with himself as a soloist and in various formations.

Ilkka Aunu took part in the special workshop Choir and Electronics that was organized in collaboration with Sibelius Academy. He wrote: I’m eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to work with people from MuTe of Sibelius Academy in creating a piece in which choir and live electronics are combined into one electro-acoustic instrument.

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Ilkka Aunu

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