Puob’c (Kriegslied)

Puob’č’ s’m star šele osemnajst liet,
te cesar me hoče k sovdatom imet.
Kako bom sovdat k’s’m puob’č premvad,
še gvira k na mor’m držat.

Atej noj mam’ca pa jokata se,
ko vid’ta te puob’če preobliečene vse.
Preobliečene so, no vojsko gredo,
nazaj jih pa n’kol’več knabo.

folksong in Slovenian dialect from Selo na Koroškem (Zell in Kärnten), Austria

I am just an eightteen year old boy,
and the emperor wants to turn us into soldiers !
How can I be a soldier, I am just a young boy,
I do not know how to hold a rifle !

Father and mother cried
when they saw the boy in uniform.
Look, they wear uniforms, because they go to war !
They will never come back.

Source and copyright: unknown.

Slovenian folk song

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