Obviously foreign infantry

Obviously foreign infantry

Third – Contains a promise of safe conduct
[ Excerpt from the Ottoman Government’s proclamation ordering the deportation of the Armenians. From the article in the Philadelphia Saturday Evening Post, February 1916 ]

Si une vibration mesure sept centimètres, je veux justement des mots qui mesurent sept centimètres. Les mots de M. Dupont ne mesurent que deux centimètres et demi.
Wenn eine Schwingung sieben Ellen lang ist, will ich füglich Worte dazu! die sieben Ellen lang sind. Die Worte des Herrn Schulze haben nur zweieinhalb Zentimeter.
[ Excerpt(s) from Dada Manifesto by Hugo Ball, 1916 ]

Chaque chose a son mot; c’est là que le mot lui”même est devenu une chose.
Each thing has its word, but the word has become a thing by itself.
[ Excerpt(s) from Dada Manifesto by Hugo Ball, 1916 ]

Das Wort, meine Herren, ist eine öffentliche Angelegenheit ersten Ranges.
Le mot, messieurs, le mot est une affaire publique de tout premier ordre.
(The word, gentlemen, is a public concern of the first importance.)
[ Excerpt(s) from Dada Manifesto by Hugo Ball, 1916 ]

Kaninfelle abliefern! Das Heer braucht sie!
[ Excerpt from German WWI propaganda poster, 1917 ]

All eligible men will be given FREE clothing, food, money, steamer and train accommodation, and a TRIP full of adventure and interest, forming the greatest event of their lives TO do their duty at the place where every fit Australian should be – standing shoulder to shoulder with his present
defenders in EUROPE; INVITATIONS (in themselves diplomas of honour for ever) will be ISSUED and comradeship established TO-DAY on application to any recruiting officer.
[ Excerpt from Australian WWI propaganda poster ]

L’ingordo, trop dur,
[ Excerpt from French WWI propaganda poster, 1915 ]

Baśka Murmańska
[ A polar bear which was bought from a market place in Archangel, Northern Russia, by a Polish soldier. The polar bear was held as a pet and evacuated from Murmansk to Scotland together with the Polish Troops in the autumn 1919. Baśka was purchased in order to win a lady’s heart.
An Italian competitor had a pet arctic fox. ]

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