A frail and tenuous mist lingers on baffled and intricate branches;
Little gilt leaves are still, for quietness holds every bough;
Pools in the muddy road slumber, reflecting indifferent stars;
Steeped in the loveliness of moonlight is earth, and the valleys,
Brimmed up with quiet shadow, with a mist of sleep.

But afar on the horizon rise great pulses of light,
The hammering of guns, wrestling, locked in conflict
Like brute, stone gods of old struggling confusedly;
Then overhead purrs a shell, and our heavies
Answer, with sudden clapping bruits of sound,
Loosening our shells that stream whining and whimpering precipitately,
Hounding through air athirst for blood.

And the little gilt leaves
Flicker in falling, like waifs and flakes of flame.

(written in English)

Frederic Manning

Frederic Manning

Frederic Manning (22 July 1882 – 22 February 1935) was an Australian poet and novelist. Born in Sydney, Manning was the son (one of eight children) of local politician William Patrick Manning. His family were Roman Catholics of Irish origin. A sickly child (asthma), Manning was educated exclusively at home. He settled in the United Kingdom in 1903. Read more…

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