Dragi mi!

The text comes from a postcard from the frontline. Happy coincidence that the village Bovec was written with a minuscula (bovec) because it allowed the card to go past the censor unchecked.

Alojz Praprotnik z Malega vrha, 8. September 1915:

Dragi mi! Prejmite srčni pozdrav iz bojnega polja.
Tu nam gre vedno po navadi,
vsak dan grmi, da se zemlja trese.
Jaz sem sedaj že par dni bolan, da vedno ležim.
Nu, pa mislim da bodem kmalu boljši.
Od tu imamo krasen razgled,
posebno ob večerih, ko pod nami bovec gori.
To je ravno tako, kot bi gledal v ognjeno morje…

My dearest!
Cordial greetings from the battlefield. Here it is as it always has been: every day storms so much that the earth shakes.
I’m ill already for some time and I’m laying in bed all day.
But I think I’ll soon be better.
From here I have a wonderful view
Especially in the evenings when under the mountain bovec is burning.
It seems like I’m watching the sea in flames….

source: public domain

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