Premiere of Eugene Birman’s ‘Field of the dead’

Today, at the Tenso Days Mechelen, Eugene Birman’s piece Field of the dead was premiered by Latvijas Radio Koris, directed by Sigvards Kļava.

For winning the Tenso Young Composers Award 2013, Birman was commissioned to write a piece to be premiered by one of the Tenso Network Europe member choirs. For this commission he wrote Field of the dead. Eugene chose fragments of poems by Serbian poet Dušan Vasiljev (1900-1924). He also uses the poignant graffiti that Gravilo Princip, whose assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria caused the outbreak of the First World War, left on the walls of his prison cell before his execution.

More on this website :

  • Background on Field of the dead, including some of the poems.

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