• Poetry

    We want to bring alive poems from one of the most turbulent periods in European history: the first World War. Together with other European literature lovers, we will bring to light known and unknown poems and other texts from that period.

  • Poetry

    From all over Europe: from Scandinavia to the Iberic peninsula, from the British isles to the Balkan, from the Caucasus to the Middle Eeast – from all the places where the war left its mark.

  • Music

    Young and established composers are commissioned to write new music for chamber choir, based on the texts from 1914-1918. The new music will be performed in a series of concerts and festivals all over Europe. Find out more about upcoming premieres here !

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  • 14 - 18

    From 1914-1918 to 2014-2018 – read about the literature and music from 1914-1918, the origins of our project and much more.

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  • work in progress

    While we are updating the site with old news – please contribute new texts !